About us


Our mission is to assist business owners in creating, accelerating, and positioning their brands in the digital age. Offering technological and innovative solutions, we support businesses in boosting their online success, automating processes, and enhancing their digital advantages.

Why we?

Our team provides ongoing advice, assistance, and technical support to help you succeed online.

We work for you

Our solutions are oriented to our client's needs and are technologically advanced.


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Maria Paula Gutiérrez
Chief Executive Officer
Engineer with a Master's degree in Electronic Engineering and Bioengineering, specializing in network management, telecommunications, automation, biomedical engineering, programming languages, and customer service. Planning, designing, creating new products and brands, and implementing solid marketing strategies.

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Luis Alejandro Leal
Chief Operating Officer
A professional electronic engineer with over seven years of experience in leadership and business management with extensive knowledge and skills in network operations, telecommunications, automation, programming languages, and the ability to manage, delegate and develop qualified personnel.

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Jhojan Moncaleano
Development Specialist
Expert in web architecture, UX/UI, web applications, neural networks, chatBots, SQL, marketing, SEO, advertising, and graphic design.

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Omar Gamboa
Specialist in Social media and Digital Marketing
A digital marketing specialist with expertise in social media and digital marketing. The top Latin American influencer in digital marketing, according to Acceso and Interlat. Among the top 25 Latin American leaders in Technology and Innovation according to the Italian Company ENEL-Emesa and director of the award for the best social networks in Colombia since 2009..

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Luisa Gil
SEM Specialist
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign development specialist Master of Business Administration in Digital Business.

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Daniel Cabrera
SEO specialist
A digital marketing specialist. With a strong background in SEO, customer value optimization, and growth marketing on projects in different sectors like Health, Technology, and Education.